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Can my landlord lock me out if I breach the lease?

Q. Can my landlord lock me out or turn off the utilities if I violate a term of the rental agreement? A. No. If a landlord wishes to regain possession of the apartment, he must proceed with an eviction in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 1923. This requires the posting of a three day… Read More »

Evictions and Oral and Written Leases

Some tenants are under the mistaken impression that if they do not have a lease in writing, or if the lease in writing that they had with the landlord has expired, then they cannot be evicted. Some landlords wonder how they can evict someone if they do not have a written lease agreement with that… Read More »

Unauthorized Occupants as a Basis for Eviction in Ohio

For assistance with evictions in Ohio, you can call Andrew J. Ruzicho at 614.447.2365 or Eric E. Willison at 614.580.4316. You can also visit our website at This video addresses the subject of unauthorized occupants in Ohio residential rental property and the issues that landlords face when basing an eviction upon their presence.

The Practical Side of Making the Decision to Evict

If you are a landlord with a tenant living in your rented premises who is behind on the rent, you have a decision to make: To evict, or not? It seems a simple decision, if you haven’t thought about it. One consideration to make is the time of the season. If it is the dead… Read More »

When is Three Days Not Three Days?

The answer is when you are a landlord or a tenant in an eviction process in Ohio. Ohio Revised Code Section 1921.04 states that to start the eviction process the landlord must first post a three day notice to vacate on the door of the rented premises. But case law holds that the day that… Read More »