Landlord won’t provide rent receipt

My landlord will not give me a formal receipt upon payment of rent. They say that they do not give receipts. The only thing that they will do is initial the carbon copy of a check or the stub of a money order. Isn’t it required by them to give me a receipt of some… Read More »

Can my landlord lock me out if I breach the lease?

Q. Can my landlord lock me out or turn off the utilities if I violate a term of the rental agreement? A. No. If a landlord wishes to regain possession of the apartment, he must proceed with an eviction in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 1923. This requires the posting of a three day… Read More »

What to do if landlord won’t make repairs

A. If there are problems around your apartment that seriously affect your health and safety, or if there are promises in the rental agreement that your landlord refuses to keep, then you can turn to the remedies provided to you in Ohio Revised Code Section 5321.07. This section says that if you are current on… Read More »

Unauthorized Entry and ORC 5321.04 and 5321.05

Unauthorized Entry and ORC 5321.04 and 5321.05 There are some landlords out there who feel that they can enter upon property they have rented to another without taking any steps to alert the renter or seek the renter’s permission. Even before enactment of Ohio’s Landlord Tenant Act of 1974, this was a fallacious belief. At… Read More »

Tenant may recover double damages even in small claims court

Tenant May Recover Double Damages Even In Small Claims Landlord was found by the Small Claims Court to have wrongfully withheld a portion of Tenant’s security deposit. The Small Claims Court awarded double damages to Tenant. Landlord appealed the Small Claims Court’s award of double damages because under Ohio Law [R.C. 1925.02], Small Claims Court… Read More »

Arbitration Clauses in Leases

Arbitration Clauses in Rental Agreement and Leases in Ohio Ohio Revised Code Section 2711.01 is the statute in Ohio allowing Ohio Courts to transfer cases before them to an arbitrator if there is an arbitration clause in the contract. But the statute is self-limiting. Ohio Revised Code Section 2711.01(B) states as follows: (B) (1) Sections… Read More »