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Licking County Ohio Eviction Attorney

Andrew J. Ruzicho II, Esq. (614) 447-2365
Licking County Ohio Eviction Attorney
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If you are looking for a Licking County Ohio Eviction Attorney, please consider contacting Andrew Ruzicho. Mr. Ruzicho has performed evictions in Licking County Municipal Court and has practiced in front of the eviction magistrates there. He has an intimate familiarity with the eviction process in Licking County Ohio. He works to process eviction matters in a quick and efficient manner with the goal of the landlord obtaining possession as soon as possible.

A typical eviction usually involves a nonpayment of rent situation but Mr. Ruzicho also performs evictions in land installment contract, subsidized housing, mobile home, and other breach of lease matters.

To begin the eviction process, Mr. Ruzicho needs a copy of the eviction notice that was posted, a copy of the lease and a copy of the ledger showing the last several months of payment history for the tenant. A judge should be able to glance at the ledger and instantly see why the eviction matter was brought. You can email or fax these documents to 614-448-9415.

In many instances, the landlord may not have to attend the court hearing. In some cases, the landlord may have to show up and provide testimony if the tenant disputes any material fact(s) of the landlord’s case.

If you wish to pursue a second cause of action for damages against the tenant, Mr. Ruzicho can counsel you on this matter. In some cases, it may be worth the additional time and effort to obtain such a judgment.

If you have an LLC or other corporate entity, you will need a lawyer to represent your corporate entity.

Please contact Mr. Ruzicho if you are considering an eviction in Newark, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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